Antifreeze cooling fluids

CLASSIC Oil s.r.o. is the largest Czech manufacturer of antifreeze cooling fluids for automobiles and industry (technical equipment of buildings) and certainly the largest in the sense of production as the range of its own products manufactured from the individual components – chemicals, not purchasing of finished substances or concentrates and diluting with glycol, like most of our Czech competitors do.

Our company is the exclusive supplier of antifreeze mixtures for our German partner CLASSIC Schmierstoff GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the Christian Lühmann GmbH & Co. group KG (Lühmann KG). Export of our own production of cooling fluids, especially for the demanding German market, corresponds to 20 – 25 % of our annual production.

The production of antifreeze mixtures includes

  • Our own production using modern mixing equipment in the Kladno Dříň – Buštěhrad industrial zone with two parallel homogenisation methods.
  • Addition of all ingredients by weight, regular and output control of each batch
  • Each product / production has a safety data sheet, specifications and atest (certificate of analysis)
  • Our own research and development of antifreeze mixtures
  • Our annual production has a capacity of over 2 million litres of cooling fluid concentrates
  • We have extensive laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments for verification of antifreeze and anti-corrosion properties
  • Specific recipes for individual contracts (preparation of prediluted mixtures)
  • Performing all production steps from tanker vehicles to consumer packaging
  • Filling retail packages on two automatic lines with weight control of filling, automatic labelling and the option of using „preserving“ lids
  • SGS certificates ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14 001:2016

Automotive cooling fluids

Concentrated glycol-based antifreeze cooling fluids which, following dilution with water, gain resistance to frost and ideal heat-transfer ability, for passenger motor vehicles and trucks.

Heat-transfer fluids

In the transfer of heat or cold in industry and construction, it is necessary to use antifreeze mixtures with heat-transfer properties.